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Such amazing art work from our talented
Welcome to our home

We are all about what hospitality is and that's being hospitable. Being a foodie is our lifestyle, staff are family, the customers are our friends and the cafe is our home that everyone is welcome to.

 We are family friendly, welcoming even dogs that we will stop and give a good scratch behind the ear to.

We are the lucky ones who stumbled across an opportunity of an old run down building that was the Kincumber post office from 1945-1990, the Iconic building has life, laughter and love once again adorning its walls. 

Beautiful buildings should't be left to desinegrate but resurrected and celebrated for what it has provided to the history of our suburb and the locals alike. 

Meet our suppliers


Glee Coffee Roasters

Based in our local central coast NSW, 

from their ethical culture in how they source their beans to the care in roasting and their personable service going above and beyond in helping businesses like us thrive.

These guys are so awesome we're lucky to have them on our side.

You can purchase their beans through us or visit their website


Tea Tonic 

"Australia's Healthiest Tea Range" with a selection of organic tea blends involving pure ingredients.


Based in Melbourne, Tea Tonic is proudly Australian made and owned. They provided a wide range of teas which you can find on their website

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